Professional Training Workshops

Training Workshop 2021 Web

At APT, we believe in the power of words, to teach and to learn. To evolve ideas. To expand understanding. Because words have power, not just to entertain - though they can certainly do that - but to share knowledge and expertise in an entertaining way. 

In this new series of workshop offerings, Core Company Actor Kelsey Brennan adapts her remarkable skill with words and storytelling to facilitate learning in small group settings. Offering three areas of focus - presentation skills, team building and voice and text analysis – friends and colleagues can enhance their communication techniques for both personal growth and group interactions. Whether you’re in a professional team looking to brush up communication skills; or in a book club excited to dive into the nuances of words and the way they’re spoken; or a study group ready to strengthen their command of public speaking, these programs will help you engage in personal and professional development in a way that’s fun, educational and interactive. 

Each workshop is a virtual, interactive 60 to 90-minute session designed for groups of up to 10 participants. There's more information on each below. If you have further questions, or want to book a workshop, email [email protected].