APT A.C.T. Camp

A.C.T. (Acting for Classical Theatre) Camp

2014 A.C.T. CAMP: AUGUST 10-15

If you are a student age 13 – 18 looking for an unparalleled theater summer camp experience, American Players Theatre’s A.C.T. (Acting for Classical Theater) Camp is the place for you. This one-week program brings together a motivated group of students to participate in a wide range of theatre and camp activities. The camp dates are Sunday, August 10 through Friday, August 15. The cost is $925. Download an application here.

During the week-long camp, you will:

  • Participate in workshops led by APT acting company members along with other APT artistic and camp staff. Workshops include text work, movement, voice, audition skills and team building.
  • Attend three of APT's 2014 performances.
  • Work with staff directors daily as actors on a theater selection, to be performed on APT’s stage at the end of camp.
  • Have fun with theater games and explore the 500 acres of your home for the week, Bethel Horizons, located in nearby Dodgeville, Wisconsin.


2014 Weekend Acting Intensive: August 8 - 10.

We are excited to announce this addition to our young actor training. The Weekend Acting Intensive session is designed for campers age 15-19, and we will accept 18 campers for an in-depth exploration of acting in small groups using Viewpoints. The cost of this session is $400. Download an application here.

Viewpoints has become an opportunity for discovering new moments in theatre. “Visceral” and “dynamic” are very important terms in describing it, because the Viewpoints are not meant to be a rehearsal technique or a performance method in themselves. They are spontaneous interactions between a group of actors that are useful for training our senses and sense of play as well as building an ensemble. Viewpoints, as a method for actor training, is hard to verbalize and is best experienced. It is meant to encourage risk-taking and bold choices. Through improvised exploration using Viewpoints, artistic discovery is possible on a personal and group level. Offered Friday, August 8th through the morning of Sunday, August 10th to coincide with the regular ACT Camp session.

Campers in both sessions will be expected to work hard and participate fully in all sessions. The cost of the camp includes classes, training, room and board at Bethel Horizons and show tickets to APT.

For more information, contact Education Coordinator Emily Beck at
608-588-9207, education@americanplayers.org.

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